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Our learning programs vary from online webinars series to in-person full day trainings. With learners centered approach, developed with clear learning journey in mind,
100 % tailored to your needs.

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That being said my yen for exploring the different cultures goes way back. In fact, I know exactly when the seed of what now is INDIGO, was first planted. So, in the spirit of truly connecting with one another, I share the full story below.👇🏼

magda's story

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This is the story of a curious young girl - turned self-sufficient woman - turned entrepreneur. Born into a time and place where strict gender roles shaped life, she learned to question norms from an early age. Being drawn to experiencing different cultures - as she grew up her yen for what lies beyond the norm flourished into a passion. As it often happens in life, that passion eventually turned into a profession, paving the way for INDIGO.


Having worked in an international corporate setting for nearly two decades, to me, INDIGO was a dream in the making. Over the years, I developed the vision for a workplace where people can thrive hand in hand with the business. Workplace where everyone could feel empowered to bring their best selves, regardless of their diverse identities, or cultural backgrounds. I kept improving the idea over the years based on own experiences and learning about diversity, equity and inclusion, as I was giving trainings, workshops and seminars within the organisation.

Fast forward a few years, and here I am before you. It might have taken me quite a few leaps of faith and unhealthy amounts of coffee, but now I'm ready to reimagine people, power and progress together with you and your organisation.

So there she was: 15 or perhaps 16 years old, at one of the regular visits to her grandmother: looking through old photos and family memorabilia, listening to the stories of pre-war Poland from her grannie's childhood. At the edge of a cover of an old notebook dated to 1937 - it's pages yellow and frail from the passing of time - suddenly she spots her late great-grandmothers handwritten note in fading pencil. In clear elegant writing it says: "return 5 zt to the Jewish girl downstairs"

Indigo Founder Magdalena Szumna's Grandmother's Century Old Notebook

She stops. Feeling both moved as she is excited by this unexpected discovery: a tangible proof of the world that is no more. The multicultural, diverse world with ‘the Jewish girl’ living downstairs.

And so, she wanted to know more. Who was that girl? Why was she referred to as 'the Jewish girl? What was her name?

But there are no easy answers to any of it.

Yet this seemingly innocent event planted a seed of curiosity in a fertile soil. Something shifted. Her interest in people of different backgrounds, other perspectives, varied experiences - kept growing. Curiosity to tune into that which isn't mainstream, what is different, under-represented, often remains un-said and that sits on the margins - informed a lot of her future choices. Fast forward through her studies in sociology and cultural anthropology, which is when she engages in an international youth volunteering programs - her drive for experiencing different environments propels her to building her professional (and private) life in a diverse, international environment.

The seed was planted. Years later - having moved countries, and over 15 years in different local and global roles in various multinationals, working daily with people from across the globe - she engages in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work.

The seed starts shooting first sprouts and as she starts training and facilitating workshops in intercultural competency - she realises that this IS it. She has found what she is meant to do. Fostering spaces where many different narratives can co-exist, where the underrepresented voices can be heard and un-told stories can be shared. Where people feel empowered to bring their full authentic selves. Where we move beyond our biases and stereotypes and instead of 'othering' we focus on 'humanising otherness'. Re-imagining how we look at people, power and progress.

That is why she has decided to dedicate her time and energy to helping people and organisations to become better equipped in creating more inclusive and equitable environments. Completing training certifications in intercultural communication and diversity competence were for her the natural next steps.

Using practical, hands-on frameworks to equip people with skills, knowledge and attitudes that allow them to engage in a more inclusive and equitable ways with one another: regardless of their different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, sexual orientation - or any other aspect of their identity that each brings into the interaction.

Crafting and delivering bespoke learning programs in diversity competence and intercultural communication allows her to tap into her vast experience in international business, her own story of living outside of her country of origin and the same curiosity that continues to drive her today to keep learning.

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intercultural & diversity competence

Practical, interaction-focused program for culturally diverse teams

Aimed at equipping people with knowledge, skills, attitudes (aka competence) to communicate effectively in todays’ diverse world – at work and outside of it. Focusing on diversity-sensitive communication skills using, among others a well established T.O.P.O.I. model.

Critical competence for todays’ leaders, managers and members of increasingly diverse teams enabling them to create more inclusive and equitable environments that ensure psychological safety for all and boost trust.

Teams with higher diversity competence are:
✦ more innovative - with open attitude and curiosity invite variety of perspectives and experiences,
✦ communicate better - instead of ‘othering', humanising otherness; instead of excluding: fostering belonging, and
✦ thrive for longer - empowering each other to be their true authentic selves support talent retention efforts.

Different formats available :
✓ webinar or a masterclass (90 min)
✓ INDIGO SIGNATURE workshop (180 min)
✓ 1-2 day learning program
✓ 1:1 virtual to in person coaching (60 min)
✓ Comprehensive Roadmap tailored to specific needs (over 2- 6 months)

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multicultural leadership

Enhancing knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an intercultural business environment

Multicultural leadership can be defined as engaging and leading a workforce comprised of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Culture here is understood broader than only national culture: as a repertoire of values, beliefs and behaviours shared by people belonging to any social group or collective. Recognising that at any time each of us is a member of multiple collectives – and as such has at their fingertips varied array of elements to choose from - the training enables people to be able to recognise their own make-up of intersecting elements of identity. Culture of upbringing being only one of them.

From that point of self-awareness then up-skills them in becoming empowered to communicate effectively and inclusively with team members, peers, customers, suppliers of different cultural backgrounds – staying true to themselves.

Different formats available :
✓ webinar or masterclass (90 min)
✓ INDIGO SIGNATURE workshop (180 min)
✓ 1-2 day learning program
✓ 1:1 virtual to in person coaching (60 min)
✓ Comprehensive Roadmap tailored to specific needs (over 2- 6 months)

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Storytelling For Inclusion

Leveraging the power of storytelling to foster inclusion and belonging

The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they aren’t true, but they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

Designed for teams and communities of diverse individuals – provide a wonderful way to bring out the less often told narratives. In a safe and trusting space we learn a simple yet very powerful framework that will get anyone ready to tell THEIR stories.

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Bespoke talks & seminars on
cultural diversity, inclusion and gender equity.

Tailor made to fit your organization's needs, a keynote address about any of these topics can be a great way to enhance an event: no matter how big or small.

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